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The Art of Effective Physician Communication

Dr. Harry Wilkins & Hedi Aguiar

This book is based on the physician communication workshops offered by Dr. Wilkins and Hedi Aguiar.

The book helps the reader to understand physician culture, what is important to physicians, and provides guidance on how to more effectively communicate and interact with physicians.


Recent Educational Livestream Edited Recordings

The most recent recordings of both the 'Fundamental Roots & Friends' and the 'Love They Neighbor' series are singled out. Below those videos, past recordings are linked in the respective sliders. Click on the topic of interest below to link directly to the recording.

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Fundamental Roots & Friends
Educational interviews on various aspects of physician communication and principles of how to bridge cultural communication.
Love Thy Neighbor
Learning about and embracing each other's culture through simple questions and cultural humility.
Learn more about Hedi Aguiar and her 'Love Thy
Neighbor' series on this podcast hosted by Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency:
How does a physician find fulfillment?

A dialogue with Dr. Winnie Lau on how physicians find fulfillment and what non-physicians can do to facilitate that sense of fulfillment.


Guest: Dr. Winnie Lau, Neurocritical Care Physician

            Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology and

            Neurosurgery at the University of North Carolina

            School of Medicine

Hosts: Dr. Harry Wilkins & Hedi Aguiar 

Mainland Chinese Ethnicity

Learn more about the Mainland Chinese ethnicity and shared culture. Watch the entire recording or click on the timestamp in the YouTube comment section for the question of interest.

Guests: Dr. Winnie Lau, Neurocritical Care Physician

              Dr. Quian-Zhou (JoJo) Yang, Pediatric Neurologist

              Jeffrey Chao, Manager of Clinical Services

              Charles Chen, Sr. Project Manager

Host: Hedi Aguiar 

Fundamental Roots & Friends Recordings

Topics available so far (click on left arrow to find all videos):

"How does a physician find fulfillment?"

"The Power of Questions - Communicating with physicians" 

"Variety - What it means to physicians?" 

"Principles Applied - Effectively Communicating with physicians"

"Growing & Giving - What it means to physicians"

"From Africa to Australia - Cultural Lessons Learnt"

"The Emotional Funnel"

"The Value of Data to a Physician"

Love Thy Neighbor Recordings

Ethnicities available so far (click on left arrow to find all videos):

Mainland Chinese, Colombian, Puerto Rican, Japanese, Aboriginal Australian, African-American