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Be Grounded with Fundamental Roots

We provide fundamental critical skills to every professional practice and relationship.

~ Soft skills are responsible for 85% of career successes,

while only 15% is attributed to hard skills. ~ 

Research by Harvard University, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Research Center

Soft skills, such as communication, strategic planning, team-building, and other key skills, lay the very foundation for our day-to-day work and interactions. Many times these crucial skills reside under the surface and are neglected and it is only when major errors occur or relationships are profoundly impacted that attention is given to this crucial training.

We help organizations instill these fundamental skills and to lay strong roots in their staff through our training offerings. After exploring your needs, we will customize and tailor our offerings to accomplish an ultimate goal of improved working relationships and practice outcomes.

Learn more about our programs below or if you are ready, click on the button and tell us about your needs.

Our Offerings & Services

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Bridging Cultural Communication

We equip the learner with tools and practical considerations to overcome cultural barriers and improve cross- and intercultural communication.


Physician Communication & Engagement

We provide Organ Procurement Organizations and other healthcare staff with the tools to understand physician culture and effectively communicate and collaborate with physicians.

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Hospital Development Training, Consulting & On Demand Orientation

We provide on demand Hospital Development (HD) / Hospital Services (HS) orientation sessions for brand new staff and leaders, as well as customized foundational and advanced HD/HS trainings for Organ Procurement Organizations.

Team Talk

Customized Services & Trainings

Need a customized soft-skill training for your team? Tell us your needs and we will create a program tailored to you. To get ideas and learn what others have requested, click on the link below.

Tell Us About Your Needs

We want to hear more about your needs and will make every effort to meet them. You are not committed until we have actually booked the service you request. Email us, call us, or simply complete the form below.

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